published writing

The Walls Between Us: Essays in Search of Truth
2nd Place “The Walls Within”

the walls between us

Live Performances

Listen To Your Mother, Lehigh Valley 2015: “Love, Labor, Loss”
Listen To Your Mother, Lehigh Valley 2017: “Scaling the Walls of Motherhood”

listen to your mother

The Gift of Writing featured writer 2014-2016:

Every Grief Counts: How to Honor Your Grieving Experience

The Art of Finishing: Manifest Your Writing Goals

Own Your Story: Overcoming Fear About Writing Memoir

Magical Thinking: Creating Despite the Odds

Life After Loss: How to Connect With Your Grief

Unpacking Your Creative Life Series, Part 1: Finding Your Lost Boxes

Unpacking Your Creative Life Series, Part 2: Opening Up the Boxes

Unpacking Your Creative Life Series, Part 3: Tapping into Creativity

Steering Clear: How to Avoid Potholes in Writing

Fighting, and Writing, For Your Life

How to Keep Your Creative Flame Alive

What Keeps Your Door Closed

Write and Believe You Are Worth It

As She Lay Dying


Online Publications 2014-present:

The Sunlight Press: Saying Yes

What’s Your Grief? Making Time For Grief During Pregnancy

Mothers Always Write: Comfort Food

Mothers Always Write: Becoming Mother, Book Review

Mamalode: Skating With My Daughter

Mamalode: Grief and Gray Days

HerStories Voices: Parting Words

The Roar Sessions: Lost and Found

Mothers Always Write: The Call of Motherhood

Great Moments in Parenting: Letter To My Daughter On Her 7th Birthday

Club Mid: Don’t Let Your Ass Ruin Your Summer

Literary Mama: After Page One, Staring Again

Blunt Moms: Learning To Let Go



New South Journal, 2014 Writing Contest, “The Moment of Departure,” third place in Prose

new south journal vol 7

Crab Orchard Review, Winter/Spring 2008, “On the Ground Looking Up,” finalist for the Jack Dyer Fiction Prize

crab orchard review vol 13


So Glad They Told Me: Women Get Real About Motherhood, contributor, “Sometimes You Don’t Know” August 2016

so glad they told me

Mothering Through the Darkness: Women Open Up About the Postpartum Experience, contributor “Afterbirth” November 2015


The HerStories Project: Women Explore the Joy, Pain, and Power of Female Friendship
, contributor “My Momtourage” November 2013


The Literary Review, Fall/Winter 2011 and Spring 2011, book reviews

emo-meet-hole the literary review fall winter 2011


5 thoughts on “published writing

    • Me too Jackie! Your blog is so great, I really enjoy your posts. How cool that you have the HerStories anthology on your TBR list! I need to get the second one, the one about failed female friendships which I totally had a story for but couldn’t muster the mental stamina to write… probably for the same reason I’m avoiding reading it, even though I know it’s got to be fantastic. I just love the HerStories ladies!


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